Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Widow Man by Betty Midnight

I recently had the pleasure of reading Betty Midnight's, Widow Man...


His name is Daniel Von Fox. He lures women with his good looks, has sex with them, and then murders them.
Her name is Al. She’s a special kind of cop, the kind that takes care of business. Her mission is to murder Von Fox before he strikes again.
A trap is set. And Von Fox falls for it. But Al starts to realize that Daniel Von Fox really is handsome… and when they go back to a motel, they both have two things in mind… sex and murder.
But who will get who first?


This book is described as an erotic thriller, and boy is that title apt. I've never read anything in this genre before, but I can tell you, if Betty writes it, I'll be lining up to snag a copy.

Widow Man features a pair of tough-as-nails women, Alex and Rachel, who step in and clean up the cases that the cops just can't quite sort out. How they do this, I get the impression, is somewhat outside the law, and in this case involves assassination. The two are called on to take out a serial killer who has sex with women in hotel rooms and then murders them.

Unfortunately for Alex, when she lures their man into the trap, she finds him oddly compelling herself, and the action heats up in ways that completely distract her and put her life in serious danger.

Let me start by saying this is not my normal fare. I don't do killers, blood, violence...and I loved this book. Don't get me wrong, thriller fans, it has all those things, but it has so much more as well. The beautiful writing makes a poetic counterpoint to the brutality of the action, and I was sucked in just as quickly as Alex, and equally incapable of pulling away. The irresistible danger of Midnight's antagonist is portrayed so subtly that the reader must believe it, and the ominous and inevitable ending hangs over the scene until I found myself breathless from more than just the sex...though that was hot enough in its own right.

The relationship between Alex and her partner, Rachel, was so intriguing and not overly explained that I hope, hope, hope this is only our first glimpse at the pair. Certainly, if Betty Midnight writes more that feature these two and their fascinating profession, they well all be on my "don't you dare miss this read" list along with Widow Man.


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Blyth Nyx said...

wow great review, I feel like i want to read it now just to see what its all about, as an author intrested in working in that genre. It might be fun to see how its done.