Thursday, February 18, 2016

Guest Blogger: Kaylee Shadows

Our guest author today has some brand new and fantastic self-help books that will no doubt be of interest to Kitten Knights everywhere. Say hello, and make sure to check out those links. 

Kaylee Shadows is a voluptuous woman in her thirties who loves to write. She is married with seven kids and has lived a life of experiences.
She lives in Washington State and has attended college majoring in psychology and enjoying many other random classes from early childhood development to criminal justice.
 She spends her free time doing studies and research on couples and sex in relationships. She believes that many factors make a great relationship, and that sex is an important part of a relationship no matter if you’re straight, gay, bi sexual or a lesbian. She believes that all relationships deserve a fighting chance if the couple is willing to work on it. She spent many years in bad relationships and finally found the perfect man for her. He is her master, her lover, her best friend and everything she could ever need or want. Most of what Kaylee writes about comes from firsthand experience.  Kaylee loves to give advice, and she likes to promote healthy images because no matter how big or small you are you are a sexy being ;). 

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