Jayde Sully

New at erotic writing, but still having a ball, I find it best writing at night...under a blanket, giggling to myself continuously. I hope you will all enjoy my work. ^_^

Kitten Profile:
Favorite Color: Light Blue, and red
Favorite Chocolate: Hersheys WOOO!
Favorite position: I think its called "The spider" >///<
Favorite toy: I call it my lightsaber

Demon Theory, (Interactive Erotica)
by, Jayde Sully
Welcome to the world of a professional Demon hunter. In this world, most people have only two choices: Fight, or Die. The creatures that rule the night do not treat others kindly, and life has been tough for you. Your parents were killed when you were young by a demon with no face. You were raised in a monastery, where the monks taught you the ways of combat and survival instinct.Today is your last day at the monastery, if you chose. You graduate today into a full Adult. Adults have choices to make. You can stay at the monastery, or you can start your life as a Demon hunter.

Jade watched her. He knew she had been masturbating but he couldn’t look away the whole time. He also noticed that his pants had gotten tighter as he watched her do it.
from: Alicia by Jayde Sully