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Kitten Knights Elemental Anthology 2013 Sultry Elements
Sub guidelines.

Elemental themed can be any kind of element as long as it is in the theme. Which means you can haveElementals, or things like, a human who can cast fire spells, but thestory must be heavy with an element.
300-10k+ Due Date Feb, 10, 2013
Payment: Copy of book. Contest, 20.00 first place. 10.00 for second place. Publication Date May, 1, 2013

Kitten Knights Christmas Anthology 2013 (title Coming)
tentative theme Gods associated with Christmas or yule.
Hern is already taken
Will list some gods soon.
300-10k+ Due July 10th 2013
Payment: Copy of book. Contest, 20.00 first place. 10.00 for second place. Publication Date Nov, 1, 2013

All Submitted Fiction Should Be In The Following Format:
Submit via email at:
Send as a Word Document or RTF attachment.
In your cover letter, please include the title of the story, the word count, your real name, and your pen name, a brief bio (2-4 sentences in third person) to be printed at the end of your story if selected for publication, and a reliable email address.
Unless this is your first work, include a short summary of other works listed in the following format:
Also by _your name_ Title of your work_
One to three titles will be fine.
Garamond (or similar, easy to read font), 12 pt, single spaced. 1” Margins Justified
No Spaces Between Paragraphs (No hard returns)
Indents 1/4" or .03 DO NOT USE TABS TO INDENT.
One space after sentences rather than two
Section Breaks Marked With Centered ***
Title at top of first page, BYLINE/WRITING AS NAME below the title. Please do not put title or byline in CAPS or bold. Title and byline should also be 12 pt font.
No Headers or Footers, No Page Numbers
Use Italics instead of underline or _this_ or *this*

What are your content standards?
*graphic language/scenes are okay as long as integral to the story. No Rape, or bestiality, (Werewolves ‘were creature’ don’t count. As long as they are both animals or both humans.)  
No pedophilia
Authors should be over the age of 18 to submit erotic. Characters should be written over the age of 18. No implied younger characters either.

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